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The weather

Over the last few days I have complained frequently about the weather being too hot, but to be honest, I should have been prepared as the Spanish Plume was predicted weeks ago and I know that the weather makes my sons (and therefore the rest of us) grumpy and restless. Helping clients to see opportunities… Continue reading The weather

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What price a marketing qualification?

I have seen a couple of discussions on the relative importance of marketing/PR qualifications and concern from professionals that individuals with a fairly narrow skillset are actually advising businesses incorrectly because they only understand digital marketing platforms or how to write a press release.  In some cases software providers encourage a do it yourself approach.… Continue reading What price a marketing qualification?

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The importance of convenience

Most people know the story of the Pepsi Challenge and the launch of new tasting Coca Cola and there are many explanations of why a reaction to early A/B testing did not lead to a more successful product.  The only people who probably know for certain are the two protagonists. However the fact that Coca… Continue reading The importance of convenience

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Using small samples to understand brand values

With the Euros, now in full swing I have to admit I find it amusing at how many managers and commentators are talking about their “philosophy”, a few years ago it was the “project” and in the good old days of Bobby Robson and Bryan Clough is was about tactics to beat your opponent on… Continue reading Using small samples to understand brand values

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BIS Sheffield, Brexit and the lack of evidence-based decision-making

Last week the Department of Business Innovation and Skills confirmed that it was closing their Sheffield office to moving the work back to London.  This is a great shame as whenever I have approached the small business research team there I have found them tremendously helpful and they will often take responsibility for an enquiry,… Continue reading BIS Sheffield, Brexit and the lack of evidence-based decision-making

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8 points to better research

This is meant to be an 8 point bullet point list to help individuals do better research – if you want more information or detail let me know. Understand why you need this information Search the internet or a good indicator does not exist Talk to your trade association or a professional market researcher for… Continue reading 8 points to better research