Why Market Research should focus on the job to be done

I have never really understood why so many people in the market research industry make such a song and dance over the difference between qualitative research and quantitative research. You can understand the commercial reason to differentiate but actually the focus should be on the needs of the client and providing them with the information... Continue Reading →


OJ and the Job to be Done

Okay since I have missed the OJ bandwagon, I may as well admit that I am talking about an incident a couple of weeks ago when my son spilled orange juice (OJ) over my laptop keyboard. As a result a number of keys did not work (although I could copy and paste!) and had a... Continue Reading →

Outcome driven process innovation

To be honest I dislike talking about large scale organisations as they tend not to be my customer base and often managers do not consider something to be their responsibility. However occasionally it is worth talking about such organisations because it is often clearer when the real needs and desires of customers are simply not... Continue Reading →

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