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What is the job to be done in measuring communications?

Without doubt the way that business communications and marketing methods are assessed needs to change.  Digital marketing has seen to this providing what appears to be a comprehensive funneling system, but other marketing channels are less well served but are still important.  No one would suggest to an air conditioning manufacturer to spend all his… Continue reading What is the job to be done in measuring communications?

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How we sometimes need trauma to grow

My son started school at the start of the month. It was a useful reminder to me about not just running my own business and the importance of stressful events to help growth but also, on the flip side the importance of good customer service or support. Schools along with other public sector organisations are rarely… Continue reading How we sometimes need trauma to grow

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The weather

Over the last few days I have complained frequently about the weather being too hot, but to be honest, I should have been prepared as the Spanish Plume was predicted weeks ago and I know that the weather makes my sons (and therefore the rest of us) grumpy and restless. Helping clients to see opportunities… Continue reading The weather