Mobile first and the issues it causes for Jobs to be Done.

There is a problem within the market research world that is particularly prescient for using the Jobs to be Done Framework quantitatively and in particular the Outcome Driven Innovation techniques created by Strategyn – namely the need to create online questionnaires that are mobile first.

There has been some unwarranted criticism of the Likert scale and the equation used to assess opportunities in the past – actually it is a very elegant solution but the issue arises because mobile screens are too small to display grid questions wells.  This can lead to a fairly long questionnaire (if you are looking at 50-100 job statements that you want assessed) being even longer and the feedback you get could be skewed by user fatigue.

For some respondents who tend to use laptops or larger screens to complete the questionnaire this is, of course, not an issue.

There are solutions such as modularization of the questionnaire were blocks are assigned to each respondent but then you need a larger sample to undertake robust customer segmentation analysis.

Another option is to reduce the number of job statements by half (based on what the company can do) but this may limit the options for innovation.

I am currently looking at more interviews in initial scoping exercise to see if this can prioritise the main twenty or so jobs to be done or preparing the client for the need to allow additional cost for telephone interviews.

I do have a personal preference for telephone interviews anyway but it has meant that a number of customers are only looking at a more in-depth scoping session using grounded theory and other techniques to understand the buying behaviour of some key customer types.

Any other ideas would be gratefully received.

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