The worrying truth behind the rhetoric of “the polls are always wrong”

Perhaps I am getting a little grumpy in my old age – I have now been in my mid-twenties for almost two decades – but I am beginning get really annoyed by the continual refrain that the polls are always wrong. The idea seems to be that if you say it enough times it becomes... Continue Reading →

Outcome driven process innovation

To be honest I dislike talking about large scale organisations as they tend not to be my customer base and often managers do not consider something to be their responsibility. However occasionally it is worth talking about such organisations because it is often clearer when the real needs and desires of customers are simply not... Continue Reading →

Labeling is important

  When we started on the quest for a diagnosis for my son to understand why his behaviour was different from other children we were met with the response from some people that you shouldn’t give people labels.   As I have been segmenting and profiling customers for clients for years, this is rather like... Continue Reading →

Guide to creating an evidence-based marketing strategy (in-depth post)

It is always worth taking time to think about your customers and collect as much information as you can without harming the customer experience. Here is a good way to structure information so you can understand what you do know and what you need to find out.

Improving customer experiences


A couple of years ago, I (along with Andy Madeley of Swiss Peaks) asked local business in Staffordshire how much they would spend on various elements of the marketing mix if they had a £10,000 budget.  The result for market research was around £500 or 0.5% which is probably more realistic for most firms than the 1% of turnover that is often cited.

In fact if you had a budget of £5,000, I would recommend spending £500 on market research and in most cases that figure would not change if your budget was £20,000.

But what does £500 (+VAT) get you these days?

The simple answer is whatever information you need to create an evidence-based marketing strategy or business plan. You can do a lot of this yourself – a good researcher may be quicker in knowing where to find information, but once you have the framework you can…

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