The difference between a brand culture and a blame culture

The Conservative party conference spectacularly shows the difference between a brand culture and a blame culture.

As an individual it could be argued that Theresa May was not to blame for anything that happened in Manchester but as a brand (and lets not forget it is fairly recently that it was the Theresa May party) it was horrendous.

The speech could be seen as a example of all the criticisms that are levelled at her government – poor planning (as a tour guide, my wife is on a minimum wage contract and shows more professionalism in making sure she is in a fit state to communicate), inattention to detail and doing things on the cheap.

As important was the action of the prank – they did not want to get involved and predictably (because whatever you think of Lee Nelson he does plan his stunts meticulously) the images were incredibly powerful.

Leadership only works if you have someone to lead or who share the same goals as you do – Richard Branson may be the leader of Virgin but he is supported by his employees – Theresa May was left alone and isolated.

While the loyal customers (those in the hall) may not have been swayed the damage done further afield is significant and will inhibit the governments functioning particularly on the European stage.

Brand and product are not indistinguishable and if one fails so does the other – changing the captain of the ship will make no difference. I cannot mention of the top of my head more than 5 of the FTSE CEO’s but I know all about their companies.

If you would like more about to understand how your brand helps increase your profits please let me know.

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