How JTBD helps strategies

A recent article by Freek Vermeulen  highlighted one of the biggest failings of strategies, that they are not actually strategies, they are goals (the summary is in the URL!).

Goals are outcome orientated whereas strategies are more focused on how something happens.  If you look at Jobs to be Done this is also outcome orientated – you find out what the customer wants and then you work out how to deliver it.

The distinction is clear customers know what they want but they are not expert engineers, customer service experts etc. that needs to be left to the company.

Goals are also outcome orientated and should function in the same way as a Job to be Done:


“When the next financial year starts, I want us to be number 1 in the market so that …”

Understanding the anticipated outcome is crucial – there is no point being turning over more than a particular competitor if this does not lead to some other benefit.  There may be more than one goal and getting momentum from growth is in itself a key benefit as is reviewing your competitors but it does need some focus.

The Jobs unit does not worry about how this comes about nor should goals but both are crucial to companies wanting to benefit from the creation of a strategy as a way to framing the issues.

For more information about how to create a marketing strategy please click on this link and download the latest version.  A workbook should be appearing soon to help companies.


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