Mobile first and the issues it causes for Jobs to be Done.

There is a problem within the market research world that is particularly prescient for using the Jobs to be Done Framework quantitatively and in particular the Outcome Driven Innovation techniques created by Strategyn – namely the need to create online questionnaires that are mobile first. There has been some unwarranted criticism of the Likert scale... Continue Reading →

Outcome driven process innovation

To be honest I dislike talking about large scale organisations as they tend not to be my customer base and often managers do not consider something to be their responsibility. However occasionally it is worth talking about such organisations because it is often clearer when the real needs and desires of customers are simply not... Continue Reading →

Communication of regulatory change

One of the issues that came out loud and clear from the Brexit campaign was how poor the nation has been in the past at communicating regulatory change. We now have experts in change management, internal and external communications as well as lawyers as well as evidence that laws that are acceptable as being in... Continue Reading →

The worst advice of 2015…

...only contact happy customers. “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones;” Plutarch’s imagined funeral oration from Mark Anthony (made famous by one W Shakespeare) indicates the biggest barrier to companies undertaking research – the fact that it is predominantly seen as negative. Despite a refocusing of... Continue Reading →

If it is bust, then do fix it!

I usually do not respond to lists on Linkedin, but this one was slightly different. The list basically stated that HR experts should build information systems, solve the problems that were relevant to their workplace and ignore industry fads. To be honest it was a great list and full of the common sense aims that... Continue Reading →

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