Brexit and Burnt Bread: The need to interpret the data responsibly

"Opinion is half way between knowledge and ignorance" Plato There are a number of ways to deal with fake news or alternative facts but the best way is to appreciate real "experts" in journalism and other areas of life.  The problem is arguably a bigger problem in the UK than in the US as we... Continue Reading →

3 tell-tale signs of “all fur coat and no knickers” research

Customer insights have never been more accessible to business owners – technology has made the process quicker and cheaper and finally the industry has focussed on providing the customer with what they need (visually stimulating summaries/infographics, video briefing etc.) rather than long dry reports. The process is more flexible – real time information means that... Continue Reading →

What price a marketing qualification?

I have seen a couple of discussions on the relative importance of marketing/PR qualifications and concern from professionals that individuals with a fairly narrow skillset are actually advising businesses incorrectly because they only understand digital marketing platforms or how to write a press release.  In some cases software providers encourage a do it yourself approach.... Continue Reading →

8 points to better research

This is meant to be an 8 point bullet point list to help individuals do better research - if you want more information or detail let me know. Understand why you need this information Search the internet or a good indicator does not exist Talk to your trade association or a professional market researcher for... Continue Reading →

2016: A year for lazy marketing?

Over Christmas I spent too much time watching Big Blocks Singsong, a series of two minute animated songs for kids that is, in my opinion, far superior to anything Simon Cowell and co are pumping out. However my son has an obsession with letters and numbers, so we had the subtitles on. These may interesting... Continue Reading →

The worst advice of 2015…

...only contact happy customers. “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones;” Plutarch’s imagined funeral oration from Mark Anthony (made famous by one W Shakespeare) indicates the biggest barrier to companies undertaking research – the fact that it is predominantly seen as negative. Despite a refocusing of... Continue Reading →

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