Which is better needs analysis or focusing on the Jobs to be done? A five year old decides.

After a short twitter conversation, I was flicking through Tony Ulwick’s “what customer wants” the other day and was reminded of one of a number of reasons why I decided to focus my business on utilising this framework.  In a word it can be summed up by one word: “Pushing” Not pushing in terms of... Continue Reading →

The weather

Over the last few days I have complained frequently about the weather being too hot, but to be honest, I should have been prepared as the Spanish Plume was predicted weeks ago and I know that the weather makes my sons (and therefore the rest of us) grumpy and restless. Helping clients to see opportunities... Continue Reading →

The importance of convenience

Most people know the story of the Pepsi Challenge and the launch of new tasting Coca Cola and there are many explanations of why a reaction to early A/B testing did not lead to a more successful product.  The only people who probably know for certain are the two protagonists. However the fact that Coca... Continue Reading →

Communication of regulatory change

One of the issues that came out loud and clear from the Brexit campaign was how poor the nation has been in the past at communicating regulatory change. We now have experts in change management, internal and external communications as well as lawyers as well as evidence that laws that are acceptable as being in... Continue Reading →

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