A 15 stage plan to getting the most out of employee research

Planned Market Research also trades as Ask Your Staff, as employees often have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used in growing a business.  If you would like a PDF of this in-depth post please email  thomasp@askyourstaff.org.uk or visit the website here Recent research from the Open University has questioned the standard... Continue Reading →

A 15 stage plan to getting the most out of employee research

At Ask Your Staff we believe that employee research should be conducted with the same rigour as customer research – otherwise you are showing your own employees a lack of respect. This can impact on retention rates, the willingness of staff to promote the company and therefore the wider company brand. Employee research should be... Continue Reading →

Using evidence-based decision-making in HR

It is not just marketing that should consider using evidence in making decisions, other areas of the business should as well. Human resources (HR) is an obvious example as staff interaction has a huge impact on customer retention and employee advocacy itself is an important element of marketing through social media. Some consultants believe that... Continue Reading →

If it is bust, then do fix it!

I usually do not respond to lists on Linkedin, but this one was slightly different. The list basically stated that HR experts should build information systems, solve the problems that were relevant to their workplace and ignore industry fads. To be honest it was a great list and full of the common sense aims that... Continue Reading →

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