Using fear in brand development

There are certain things that never change and motivators tend to fall into two categories desires/wants or fear/anxiety.  Both are shown in the diagram above in terms of changing behaviour. Desires and wants are the background to Outcome Driven Innovation and therefore Jobs to be Done generally. Tony Ulwick is quite categorical that the focus... Continue Reading →

OJ and the Job to be Done

Okay since I have missed the OJ bandwagon, I may as well admit that I am talking about an incident a couple of weeks ago when my son spilled orange juice (OJ) over my laptop keyboard. As a result a number of keys did not work (although I could copy and paste!) and had a... Continue Reading →

Labeling is important

  When we started on the quest for a diagnosis for my son to understand why his behaviour was different from other children we were met with the response from some people that you shouldn’t give people labels.   As I have been segmenting and profiling customers for clients for years, this is rather like... Continue Reading →

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