Brexit and Burnt Bread: The need to interpret the data responsibly

"Opinion is half way between knowledge and ignorance" Plato There are a number of ways to deal with fake news or alternative facts but the best way is to appreciate real "experts" in journalism and other areas of life.  The problem is arguably a bigger problem in the UK than in the US as we... Continue Reading →

Creating value in the construction industry

Theodore Levitt’s observation that people do not buy a drill bit, they buy a hole was one of the starting points for the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) theory, so it is no surprise that some companies in the industry inherently understand the basic tenants of the concept. The industry does suffer still from a... Continue Reading →

Communication of regulatory change

One of the issues that came out loud and clear from the Brexit campaign was how poor the nation has been in the past at communicating regulatory change. We now have experts in change management, internal and external communications as well as lawyers as well as evidence that laws that are acceptable as being in... Continue Reading →

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