How we sometimes need trauma to grow

My son started school at the start of the month. It was a useful reminder to me about not just running my own business and the importance of stressful events to help growth but also, on the flip side the importance of good customer service or support.

Schools along with other public sector organisations are rarely seen as exemplars or customer service, but in this case the primary school in question could not be faulted.

The school had planned for the day – we had met the teachers earlier in the year to talk about how they could cater for him (he has traits of Autism and ADHD). As a result the headmaster had put in resources to make sure that he could cope and the teachers were prepared with strategies to deal with his behaviour.

When he got into the playground, the distractions were too great and he fell back on arranging words and phrases with numbers and letters. One of the teachers soon spotted this and made sure that he was guided into the classroom.

The next day showed that he has started to enjoy it as he loves a good routine – we all do to some extent – but we do need change, sometimes traumatic change to grow and prevent our brain atrophying.

Change is however made easier by good leadership internally but it is meaningless unless the consumer/customer/client is supported is supported. A child’s disorientation on his first day at school is fairly obvious but that of a key customer when a service has moved online or a new product introduced is no less real.

For me, making sure that the school had the best possible information at the earliest relevant stage was crucial – their professionalism and hard work then took over.

But is this the same with your business? At the moment the UK spends 6 times more on productivity loss due to poor management decisions than it spends on giving them the information to do their jobs.

For more information on how you can get good quality information to help support your customers, please get in touch.

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