The weather

Over the last few days I have complained frequently about the weather being too hot, but to be honest, I should have been prepared as the Spanish Plume was predicted weeks ago and I know that the weather makes my sons (and therefore the rest of us) grumpy and restless.

Helping clients to see opportunities in the changing marketplace is important, but like hot weather a series of short term tactics do not help that much.  Marketing strategy seems to have been reduced in importance due to the perception that the market is always changing, but some things will always stay the same – look at how well Theodore Leavitt’s theory has aged.

Customer need does not change but their expectations do, meeting those needs are becoming more and more important for the sustainability of a business.

This means that businesses need to increase the frequency of analysing competitors, understanding customer needs and the jobs that need to be done.  Marketing strategies need to be agile, but this does not mean that they have to rely solely on easily obtainable indicators like Google Analytics.

How often you need to update your marketing strategy (and which parts) will depend on your industry and the relative importance of retaining clients as opposed to attracting new ones.

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