Communication of regulatory change

One of the issues that came out loud and clear from the Brexit campaign was how poor the nation has been in the past at communicating regulatory change.

We now have experts in change management, internal and external communications as well as lawyers as well as evidence that laws that are acceptable as being in their own interest are not cumbersome or considered red tape. So why then does the “Register of People with Significant Control; Guidance for Companies, Societates Europaeae and Limited Liability Partnerships” which effectively comes into force today, run to 80 pages?

There are some great examples of making laws palatable to small firms but most of this comes from the private sector or specific enforcement agencies.

The stakes have just got higher for all involved – MPs cannot blame Europe and SMEs need significant reductions in red tape (which they have been promised) to have a level playing field in the marketplace.

To be honest there is a real need for a comprehensive customer journey to be mapped out for different types of business and a proper communications strategy planned. This would include how different segments are made aware of regulatory changes, what the reasons are for the changes and how application of the changes could be made easier.

One of my clients, the Forum of Private Business are looking at this issue – please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire and let them know your thoughts:



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