8 points to better research

This is meant to be an 8 point bullet point list to help individuals do better research – if you want more information or detail let me know.

  1. Understand why you need this information
  2. Search the internet or a good indicator does not exist
  3. Talk to your trade association or a professional market researcher for some guidance on what they think so you can ask the right question
  4. Ask the right question in plain English – if the interviewee does not understand the question what will the quality of the information be like
  5. At the right time (it needs to be the right time for them so don’t bother accountants or divorce lawyers in January)
  6. Of the right people – decision-makers not friends and family (convenience sampling)
  7. Analyse the information in the right way – be honest with yourself
  8. Check your information against what you already know – or even send it back to your interviewees to see if they agree.

Please download additional resources from my website http://www.plannedmarketresearch.co.uk to make the most on customer feedback etc.

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