Sausages, bacon and cancer

I was quite surprised to see in the paper that sausages, bacon and even red meat were as carcinogenic as tobacco, mainly because my four year old is at the developmental stage where he only likes sausages, peas, fishfingers and cereal.

The idea of shovelling cigarettes was clearly a concern, I am not the greatest dad in the world (despite what the mug says), but I like to think I give my sons a fair start in life.

Fortunately I had a bit of time to look into this in more detail and found out that while the link (or correlation) between processed and red meat and a specific type of cancer is quite strong, the impact of eating such food is relatively low (when you work out what 18% actually means).

To understand any risk you need to understand the likelihood that something will happen and the impact of the event.  Understanding the impact and likelihood of an event happening is often overlooked as is the risk to the business is a marketing campaign goes wrong or stratospheric.

Why this is the case is beyond me, piloting, A/B testing and soft market testing have become possible for even the smallest business.  But if you do not spend a little time looking past the headline you may never know that this is the case.


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