Eating your greens can be bad for you!

I have been telling my 3 year old son to eat his greens for the best part of 2 years now.

On Tuesday 9th June, he finally took my advice and ate something green, a calla lily.  As this was slightly poisonous we had to rush (I use the term advisedly as we were stuck behind a car doing 20mph most of the way) him to the local hospital.

It was a good reminder to me that even the most anodyne received wisdom can be bad for you if it is used in the wrong context.  This is more true than ever for businesses looking at marketing themselves as doing the same thing will not raise awareness, interest etc.

Every business needs to rejuvenate itself once in a while and sometimes the received wisdom that has worked for years does not apply to the new marketplace.

It is something I have to reflect on more than I would like as my son enjoy


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